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Business Fit is a world leader in human resource solutions with over 20 years’ experience meeting the needs of corporations, governments, educational institutions and individuals. We work across Canada and internationally with clients in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Morocco, Kenya and the Caribbean.  In a broad sense we help individuals find jobs and help companies develop and retain their employees. Business Fit's Job Placement Centres will bring all of these programs into one location to meet your needs.

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Business Fit has the capacity to design, implement and evaluate Job and Training Centres worldwide.

We have the most advanced employment technology platforms in the industry.

Our proprietary Career Coaching technique is used in schools and corporations and taught in University at the post graduate level. 

We have 20+ years experience helping Fortune 500 companies with their HR needs; attracting, developing and retaining their high performers.

We have worked in developing nations with Government, local partners and businesses to create jobs and develop skills.       

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Employee turnover on average costs 50% of annual salary for entry level employees, 130% for mid level management, and 350% for high level employees. To avoid these staggering costs it makes sense to work with an experienced company that understands how to ensure a successful match between the needs of the candidate and the needs of the job, the department and the operating style of the organization.   

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Business Fit was proud to be the first to bring Employment and Training Centres to St. Lucia.  The Government of St. Lucia identified Business Fit as the ideal organization to partner with them.

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Feel free to contact us any time to discuss your human resource needs. Whether you have a simple question or would like to discuss the development of an Employment Centre, we are here to help. Email or call us today!



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